Furniture and Upholstery

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Your furniture and upholstery will stay cleaner longer, smell fresher, and carry less allergens when professionally cleaned by our technicians. Our Citrus cleaning solution and powerful cleaning system gently restores your furniture to a beautiful look and feel. The dirt, dust, crumbs, and pet hair will be extracted, leaving you with fresh and clean furniture.

We use a low moisture extraction tool process. Because we use air movers, in combination with our low moisture extraction tool, your furniture is usually dry in a few hours or less. Our highly trained technicians will help restore your upholstery to a beautiful new look and feel. Cleaning your furniture will: reduce pet dander and allergens, reduce odors, remove stains and pet hair, and improve your furniture’s appearance.


• Safe for all kinds of furniture and upholstery. Some of the finest natural fibers and synthetics are quite sensitive to cleaning, and our process is safe for them too.

• We are safe to kids, pets, and the environment alike.

• Detergent and shampoos can leave a sticky residue on your furniture that attracts soil and stains more easily. Our system leaves no residues behind. When completed, your furniture or upholstery is clean.

• Perfect for auto and boat interiors or any outdoor/indoor upholstered item

Why Clean Your Furniture
o Reduce Pet Dander
o Reduce Allergens

• Improve Furniture’s Appearance
• Remove Stains
• Remove Pet Hair

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