Color Sealing

Ceramic tiled floor

After many years of cleaning tile and grout, our company believes that the ONLY way to achieve perfect uniform grout lines is to use our colorseal product. This product is very thick like pancake batter and once it soaks into the grout lines it renders them non-porous. This means that they will stay looking great without having to scrub them.

Once this is done to your grout lines it transforms the look of the entire floor. Once they are colorsealed you can wipe up spills and dirt that land on top of the grout. Our colorseal dries with a flat tone and mimicks the look of brand new grout but in a non-porous state. You get a FREE gallon of our maintenance cleaner and instructions on how to maintain you new looking floors. Please call us for a free demo and consultation. 904-599-5012.


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